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Materials Science Laboratory

A team of young, motivated specialists from the company BRIDGE HUB would like to announce the following: BRIDGE HUB has concluded several partnership agreements with European companies. One of the first strategic partners is the company NETZSCН, which can look back on 150 years of experience and is one of the global market leaders in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. With the support and direct participation of NETZSCН, BRIDGE HUB has signed a contract to establish a unique testing center in Central Asia called "Yangi Uzbekiston". This unique project will be realized in Tashkent. Both laboratory and production pilot plants with horizontal and vertical agitator bead mills, dissolvers and inline dispersers will be installed on this site, which correspond to the latest state of the art. This test center will make it possible to process products down to the nano range. In addition, seminars and further training courses for local experts and colleagues from Central Asia are held in this technical center in order to provide advanced knowledge and technologies.

The aim of this project is to create a unique platform in the space of the former CIS to offer customers from the chemical industry, such as paint and building materials manufacturers, minerals, textiles, food and many other sectors their product before investing to test and optimize existing technologies.

Another partner of our project, which is also a world leader in the field of production of various additives, is the company MÜNZING CHEMIE. With his support, our customers can find the right solution to develop new recipes with better product properties and to open new production processes. For this purpose, the customer receives competent consulting from BRIDGE HUB and MÜNZING CHEMIE specialists.

Our third partner, who also has 150 years of experience, is the company CINKARNA. The well-known manufacturer of titanium dioxide covers various applications with its wide range of products: from the paint industry to nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, which are used in pharmacy.

The fourth participant in our project is the German pigment manufacturer LANXESS, which is also a global market leader in the field of pigments and colorants. The company offers a very wide range of colors that are among the highest quality pigments in the world.

And finally, our fifth partner, Serbian company SCS TRADE. The company produces a wide variety of resins, from complex polyesters to water-based polyurethanes. Based on these components, new and high-quality coatings can be made that meet all international standards.

The project has an investment volume of 1.5 million euros and will be implemented by BRIDGE HUB and its European partners in three phases. The aim of the project is that every entrepreneur - whether experienced or novice - can find answers and build their business on a solid basis to minimize risk and protect themselves from various negative factors. All participants of this project are open to dialogue and willing to help anyone who wants to implement new projects and ideas, thus offering the key to the solution. BRIDGE HUB does not sell materials, it offers a solution and the key to evolution!