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BRIDGE HUB is a dynamic young company operating in raw materials trading since 2018. In 2023, we elevate business field to a new international level. This project is supported and developed by a group of high professional Uzbek-German experts.

The essence of the project is to create a bridge between the European Union and Uzbekistan to enable investments, technologies, innovations through a two-way transfer.


BRIDGE HUB provides serious small and medium entrepreneurs with an evolutionary key to solve simple to difficult projects by means of advanced technologies from Europe. This creates a bridge to the future-oriented business models, by means of which the young generation becomes successful businessmen and develops high-value quality brands "Made in Uzbekistan".

The BRIDGE HUB business model consists of three basic pillars:



Materials Science Laboratory

the main focus of the activity is:

Synthesis Development

Experimenting for technological transfer in the paint, chemical, textile, and food industry

Certification of end-user products of Uzbek manufacturers

Conducting seminars and training sessions with European experts for Uzbek specialists



Innovation Incubator

which consists of 2 departments:

A) Start-Up platform for young aspiring entrepreneurs

who want to develop and want to develop and implement modern business ideas. Our specialists accompany young motivated people in the field of technology.

B) Professional Development at BRIDGE HUB:

BRIDGE HUB is open to all who move with the times. The company has an intelligent investment department, which identifies and promotes young talents on the basis of the selection procedures. Talented young people will have the opportunity to to complete a free internship in the European Union. Through "learning by doing" they will have the opportunity to improve their qualifications and become specialists in the fields of nanotechnology and IT.



Procurement of Industrial Resources

for companies:

A) Supply and Consult on high-quality chemical raw materials from Europe

that have a wide range of applications. The company offers also offers technical advice and support for the changeover to new raw materials by process engineers from Germany and other European countries.

B) Representation of European entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan

with the aim of integrating technologies at Uzbek companies. The specialists in this department support European companies in legal, commercial and service-related matters.