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Paint Kitchen

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

About the event

The seminar Paint and coating kitchen is an innovative and promising project developed together with German partners, focused on the development of the paint and varnish market in Central Asia. This event focuses on the dynamically developing paint and varnish industry in this region, where manufacturers are striving to meet modern trends and requirements. The seminar provides a unique platform for exchange of experience and knowledge, facilitating close interaction between Western technology partners and Central Asian manufacturers. The main objective of the seminar is to discuss new technologies, address the challenges faced by manufacturers and offer effective solutions to bridge the technology gap and improve product quality. This event will be interesting both for equipment and raw material manufacturers and for direct paint producers, helping them to minimize development time and improve product quality by avoiding defects and losses.

The seminar program includes discussions on key aspects of the paint and coatings industry, such as:

- Influence of ingredients on final product quality
- Methodical approach to the creation of new formulations
- Quality control equipment
- Proper selection of production equipment
- Reducing production costs while increasing the quality level of the final product

The seminar aims to address these issues by offering participants comprehensive information and innovations in the industry. One of the key points will be the proposal to create startup projects, within which BRIDGE HUB specialists in cooperation with European partners ECO SYSTEMS will be able to provide the necessary support and guidance on the path of business development. It is also planned to demonstrate already existing, successful projects, which will allow the participants of the seminar to visually assess the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and approaches.

29.02.2024 - 01.03.2024


Radisson Blu Hotel
Amir Temur Street 88
100084 Tashkent


Early Bird Tickets 10 % discount until January 31


Paints and coatings know how transfer
One Day Ticket

600.00 US-Dollar


Paints and coatings practice (max. 15 participants)
One Day Ticket

600.00 US-Dollar


Masterbatches know how transfer
One Day Ticket

600.00 US-Dollar

29.02.2024 - 01.03.2024

Paints and coatings
Two Day Ticket (25% discount)

1,200.00 US-Dollar
900.00 US-Dollar

10% of all ticket proceeds will be donated to charity in Tashkent.

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